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About Us

The J Team is a portable sawmill operation run by twin brothers Jay and James Clarke. We've been running our mill for eleven years, although we've been around mills for much longer.

We were born with sawdust in our veins, our mom and dad took us to buy their first sawmill with mom expecting, but certainly not expecting twins!

We've been up to our elbows in sawdust ever since, spending many of our childhood summers with our parents at milling jobs or running around fairgrounds while they demonstrated the mill.

These days we don't get to run around as much, but we enjoy being around sawmills as much as ever. James is the head sawyer and runs our top-of-the-line Wood-Mizer LT70 Super Wide sawmill. Jay is our mechanic and resident engineer, making sure things run smoothly while also running the LT40 sawmill we started with.

With our experience and passion for milling, we aim to provide the best milling services around.

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