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*New* Solid Wood US Flags


We are now making solid wood flags from our own lumber. We're using lumber we've milled as well as reclaimed siding from local tobacco barns. Our current designs are all about 20"x38". They are $100-120 depending on material (softwood, hardwood, and reclaimed).

The stripes are individual pieces of tongue and groove lumber that we lightly burn and stain to accentuate the grain. We can do a variety of colors and textures, including burnt or natural wood with a thin blue/red/etc line.

The union is CNC machined after burning and staining, so we can use the natural wood color for contrast. We can do custom designs as well.

Pine Lumber


We have pine boards in stock as well as logs we can saw to order.

Our stock ranges from 8-16' long and includes boards, 2x, and logs we can saw to order.

We currently stock mostly pine and spruce. We have a large stock of 16' pine logs and boards as we also re-side old tobacco barns.

Hardwood Lumber


We regularly get a mix of hardwood species from local tree services. This includes a lot of red oak and maple, but also the occasional cherry and black walnut. And being yard trees, this means lot of interesting colors and figure. Let us know what you are looking for. Pricing starts at around $1.20/bdft for fresh off the mill red oak and maple.

Wide Live Edge Slabs


We have a variety of wide slabs available now that we can easily mill large logs on our bandmill. We have slabs up to 46" wide of various lengths and species.

Our current stock is all fresh sawn and will need to either air dry or be kiln dried.

Our stock depends on what comes in from local tree services and what we source. This often includes red oak, maple, beech, and softwoods.

If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to contact us. If we don't have it, we will keep an eye out for it. And if you have a log you want milled, we can do that at your site.

Reclaimed Barn Siding


We reside local tobacco barns for farmers at a low cost in exchange for the old siding. As a result, we have a fair bit in stock with many more barns lined up. If you are looking for something unique for a ceiling or accent wall, we can get you exactly what you want, often fresh off a barn. Pricing is approximately $5/sqft, this depends mostly on quantity and what widths/lengths you need.

We do the entire process ourselves, from stripping and denailing the old siding to nailing up new siding that we've milled. As a result, the wood comes off the barn in great shape and full lengths, often 14'+.

We regularly have gray, silver, and brown, but also come across red or white painted. Our best contact for inquires is James at 413-522-2579, but Jay (that's me typing all this) is happy to redirect you if you'd rather use our contact form.

Reclaimed Lumber


We also take down old barns and similar structures, so we have a large stock of beams, 2x, and other great reclaimed pieces. This includes a lot of hemlock, but also frequently chestnut and other hardwoods. And we buy big reclaimed beams from local demolition companies, especially from the old factory buildings in the area. Talk about some beautiful southern yellow pine!

Pricing varies, but it's somewhere around $2.50/bdft for hemlock and $4-5/bdft for SYP and chestnut. We can also resaw and plane most pieces, hardware being our one big concern.

And More


We will be listing additional products as we have time. We have a lot to offer, more than we can list. Please feel free to ask what we have available.

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