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Portable Sawing

Our mills are portable and fully hydraulic. All we need is a pile of logs and we can start milling.

We generally charge $0.45-50/bdft to mill softwood logs and $0.50-60/bdft for hardwoods.


Wide Bandsaw Milling

We offer portable bandsaw milling up to 46" wide. Pricing is about $0.70-80/bdft for logs over 36" and up to 46" cut width. Pricing for logs up to 62" cut width is about $0.90-1.10/bdft

We utilize our same LT40 sawmill except with an extendable head that is 19" wider than stock. For logs over 46", we have an additional extension for up to 62" cut width.

The beauty of this setup is we can easily swap between stock and wide widths, allowing us to handle all aspects of the job with one machine.


Chainsaw Milling

No matter how large your log, we can mill it with our Granberg chainsaw mill. With a cut capacity of 79", we can produce massive slabs from your logs.

We typically charge $1.30-1.50/bdft for chainsaw milling.



With our Logosol PH360 4-sided moulder/planer, we process your rough lumber into finished products.

Planing is $0.40-0.60/bdft.

S4S and T&G are $1.20-1.50/sqft and includes straight-line ripping. Please note we don't end trim or end match.


Bandsaw Blade Sharpening

We've been sharpening our bandmill blades for years and will gladly sharpen yours as well. We can sharpen most profiles of 7/8" and 1-1/8" spacing blades as well as 10 degree 3/4" spacing. It is typically $8-10/blade with metal damaged blades given an extra pass for $2-3 extra.
Ideally damaged blades will be sorted out as we only do spot inspections. Our in-house method is to grade the blades by severity of damage based on how the blade cut when removed. For example a blade that cuts straight but slow/choppy will clean up to passable in 2-3 grinding passes whereas a blade that dives immediately may not be salvageable to anything beyond chasing out metal in logs.

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