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  • Jay Clarke

New 46" Wide Head Capability

We are now able to make cuts up to 46" wide on our portable bandmill, up from our prior 34" max. Our chainsaw mill still handles the largest logs with a 79" cut capacity.

We are still getting used to running the mill through such wide cuts and will be offering this service soon. We will also be stocking more wide slabs now that we can easily produce them. Compared to an hour setup and several hours running the chainsaw mill, we can have a log done in as much time as it takes to stack the slabs.

We achieved the wider cut capacity by cutting the mill head and installing a sliding extension. We can easily switch the mill between stock (27" max) and wide widths as the job requires. This keeps our mill easily portable and able to tackle a wider variety of jobs with one machine.

Whatever your milling needs, we're ready to get the job done.

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